Johnson Fitness & Wellness

1610 Village Market Blvd., Suite 120
Leesburg, VA 20175
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Johnson Fitness & Wellness is passionately committed to providing the tools that will help you get fit and stay fit. They carefully select all of the products that are offered to insure that every item is of the highest quality and engineered to deliver the results that you demand. And since they believe that to reach your destination you must have education and motivation, Johnson Fitness & Wellnesss provides a professional, educated staff of fitness experts who are knowledgeable about all of the equipment’s capability and performance specifications as well as what equipment is right for any of the countless individual needs that our customer’s can and will have. Once you become a member of their family of customers, they will continue to motivate and educate you with a variety of services designed to keep you continually moving towards your goals and beyond.

You can purchase fitness related products just about anywhere these days. Only Johnson Fitness & Wellness turns your purchase into an investment in which the returns are a lifetime of improved physical performance, lowered risk of ill health, sensible weight management, and a fit confident self-image.